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About Matt

Matt started to design graphics in High School, when he took a two-year Graphic Design class in his Junior and Senior years, at the Career Education Center.

After High School, Matt studied at AB-Tech, a local community college, and graduated with his Associate in Applied Science degree in the Digital Media Technology major.

Matt then graduated from University of North Carolina Asheville, earning himself a Bachelor of Arts degree in the New Media major with a minor in Computer Science.

Matt designed his art and his site using the Adobe Suite, including:

Matt's Future

Matt would like to find a job that provides him with his goals of:

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Pet Projects

These projects were for games I played for fun. Each of the projects required an enormous amount of my time and I learned a lot while making them.

Spring KMC Season Fact Sheet

Universe Universe
Steven Universe Fan-Site

Publication Design

- books, magazines, brochures, promotional cards

Advertisement Design

- flyers, coupons, posters, business cards

Logo Package Design

- logos, graphic identity, packaging

Wallpaper Design

- computer backgrounds, wallpapers

Video Design

- commercials, music videos, reviews